Brisbane Pride Festival Assoc. Is proud to announce our launch of a new and exciting event that will prove to be an exciting all inclusive day for everyone who is part of our community, their friends, family and supporters.

On December 3rd, 2011. Brisbane Pride Festival Assoc is teaming up with over twenty shops in the valley area to create the first ever Brisbane Pride Festival “Shop Till You Drop”
On this day these shops will donate either $5 or 5% of each sale to raise funds, helping Brisbane Pride Festival to fight the battle to increase mental wellness within the community.

The day will start at The Wickham Hotel with a free sausage sizzle breakfast and charity auction to buy a hot guy or girl to carry your shopping bags. Proceeds from the boys auction are split between Brisbane Pride and Bootco/Bears and proceeds from the Girlz auction are split between Brisbane Pride and LHAG, Lesbian Health Action Group, a much needed group that has no funding at all and needs help to assist the girlz in our community.

Shopping will start at 11 and there will be entertainment throughout the day on the Valley streets through personalities and roaming performers.

This is a day where everyone who has Christmas shopping to do should come out in force, and dressed in rainbow Christmas theme. With shops covering an area from Brunswick to James streets and including Wickham, Anne and the Homemaker centre there is something for everyone and its time to get out in the daylight and show the strength and numbers of our community.

Brisbane Pride Festival in conjunction with The Wickham Hotel and Big Gay Day is giving two lucky members the chance to win a double VIP pass to Big Gay Day this year. That’s right this Sunday 11th March you could not only be having ball at Big Gay Day, but could be doing it in the VIP area.

All you need to do is renew your membership, or take out a new membership before 5 pm March 9 and you go in the draw to win this fabulous double pass. Membership is only $20 and amongst other benefits entitles you to free entry to Brisbane Pride Festival Fair Day and member discounts to all Brisbane Pride Festival Committee run events.

It could now see you hobnobbing with the other VIPs

Why You Should Setup Free Online Memorials

Why You Should Setup Free Online Memorials

An online presence for a loved one that has passed away is accomplished through free online memorials. There are varieties of websites that allow you to create a place where there is an everlasting presence for your lost loved one. Look for websites that offer options such as virtual candle lighting, photos, stories, songs and more. You can also find free online memorials that let you share the pages with you social media accounts. 

Free online memorials also offer guest books that allow you to view how many visitors have been to the page. Free templates allow you to customize your loved ones pages and include their favorite photos. Look for websites that offer privacy controls and an easy interface system. Free online memorials are also found that accept donations to pay for funeral expenses. This type of website offers the chance to let others know about your financial needs and why you need help from others. They accept donations from family, friends and people who just want to donate. Skymorials: Free online memorials are also a way to make lasting tributes and give funeral information. 

The Internet has made it easier to seek donations for not only funerals but also tuition and other assistance. Many people want to donate to a good cause and will happily visit these types of websites. You can receive donations from around the world with the click of a mouse and deposit into your account. Most of these websites are free, but some charge a one time or premium fee for more services. 

Create your memorial page by adding honorary ribbons, the favorite music of your loved one and life stories. It takes only minutes to get started and share the page with your family and friends. Set up a page where others can leave comments and remarks about your loved one. Look for advanced memorial websites where you can have a free 30-day trial. Use templates to create your pages and they will look more professional.

How Heater Hire Service Works

How Heater Hire Service Works

For many people, their home’s heating system provides the primary source of heat to them during the cooler months of the year. Periodically, a need arises for additional or supplemental heat in the home. This often occurs when the primary heating system is broken. Heater hire service is typically a fast and affordable way to obtain the additional heat needed in the home. 

While heater hire from has been an option for homeowners for many years, some people are not familiar with how it works. This type of service generally requires you to contact the service provider initially to discuss your needs. You can indicate which type of heating unit you prefer based on fuel source as well as the size of the space that you need to heat with heater hire. The final consideration is how long you need to use the heating unit for. Some people may not be certain how long they need to hire a heater for, and this is particularly true if you are waiting for a repair technician to visit your home to make a repair. Generally, the company will be able to set up the service for you when you provide them with this information, and you can learn about delivery or pick-up options.

When you need a source of temporary heat in your home, you have the option of either purchasing an affordable unit or using heater hire. Purchasing a small, portable unit that meets your needs may be cost-effective in some situations, but it is often best to get a quote for heater hire as a first step. When you know more about the actual cost of hiring a heater, the convenience associated with hiring versus buying and the different types of units that are available, you will be able to determine what the best option for your home is. Request a quote for hiring a heater today to obtain the additional information you need.

Quality Security Systems in Melbourne

Quality Security Systems in Melbourne

Safety With Security Systems in Melbourne

Security systems in Melbourne are plentiful. While the coastal metropolis is generally considered to be safe for its almost 4.5 million residents, it can never hurt to have extra security. Security systems in Melbourne are frequently found both in businesses and residences. Many security companies that service the city offer both types of systems. 

Convenient Features For Homes

People who are looking to buy home cctv security systems in Melbourne at can enjoy many convenient choices. Home security systems in Melbourne are often equipped with features such as alarms, advanced management, round-the-clock monitoring, intercoms, lights, outside sirens, inside sirens, outside motion sensors and inside motion sensors, to mention a few key examples. 

Convenient Features For Businesses

Business security systems in Melbourne also generally come with various helpful features. They often come with access control, CCTV (closed circuit television), passive infrared detection, smoke detection, window contacts, door contacts, motion sensors, remote keypads and external motion sensor lighting. They often even have round-the-clock monitoring for extra security and peace of mind. Business security systems in Melbourne are important because they can increase security for customers and staff members alike. They can prevent break-ins and serious monetary losses, as well. Many Melbourne businesses opt to get security systems installed to prevent the hassles of dealing with theft, for example.

Internet Reviews

Online product reviews can be useful for homeowners and business owners who are looking to make investments in security systems. If a homeowner reads a good review of a security system, then it could compel him to go through with his purchase. If a homeowner, on the other hand, reads a negative review that stated that a certain security system was ineffective and unresponsive, then it could discourage him from making that specific purchase. Since there are so many distinguished choices in security systems in the city, people never have to settle for inferior options. It’s important for people to remember to always look for as many different reviews as possible, however. If a business gets a single positive review, that in no way is a reflection of its entire customer base. If a business gets a sole negative review, the same exact situation applies.